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How to Submit a Game for Appraisal

To make a submission and put your game through our appraisal service you need to forward the following information.

        1. An introductory covering letter giving a synopsis / overview of the game together with any general background information, thoughts, ideas etc which you wish to bring to our attention.
        2. A copy of the rules of the game as you presently have them.
        3. Any photographs, photocopies, line drawings, sketches of diagrams of the game (or parts of it) that you feel we need to see.
        4. The administration fee for appraisal of the idea. This is £25 (£30 for non-UK submissions) and should be made payable to Games Talk. If you are in the UK you should also enclose postage stamps to cover the cost of returning your game details into your safe-keeping.

The scope and detail of the information that you submit will obviously depend on how far advanced you are with your project. You should not be concerned if your game is not particularly elaborate at this stage or if cosmetically it is perhaps a bit crude. The aesthetics of a game submission do not influence the appraisal procedure in any way.

In most instances all games are appraised and responded to within 7-10 working days of receipt. If exceptional circumstances dictate a delay beyond this 7-10 day period we will normally write to you out of courtesy upon receipt of your submission to advise you accordingly.

It goes without saying that all material submitted to Games Talk is dealt with in the strictest of confidence. Discretion, integrity and confidentiality are fundamental to our existence and reputation and hence we operate very strict codes of practice in these matters. If you wish to discuss anything at all to do with product protection, copyright, patents etc prior to making a submission please do not hesitate to telephone us.