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It is difficult to detail fully all of the facilities and services available from Games Talk. Every project we undertake is unique and every client will have specific needs. We thus provide complete flexibility to ensure that we can tailor packages to suit every requirement.

Principally however we divide our services into five clearly defined areas :









A far reaching product based service which includes :

  • Review of new concepts and products
  • Focus and discussion groups
  • Playtesting panels
  • Market research
  • Copy and rule writing
  • Creation of trivia and other source material
  • Design, sourcing, production and marketing
  • Jigsaw image sourcing

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Development and Licensing

The vast majority of new games launched into the marketplace are sourced from the general public, but they are not sourced directly by the manufacturers. Agents such as Games Talk act as a conduit between the manufacturers and inventors, but also act as a filter, ensuring that only truly viable ideas are progressed and that these are presented in a fully developed and professionally finished format. Our Appraisal Service allows us to identify suitable ideas which we can then put through the various processes detailed below :

  • Development of marketable and licensable ideas
  • Playtesting and research
  • Design and prototype making
  • Representation and promotion of developed games
  • Product placement and licensing

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Commissioned Development

Another service that is very flexible and depends entirely on an individual client's requirements. The client provides a brief and we then develop a game to match that brief. Common requirements include :

  • Gameshow, television series, movie and character concept games
  • Training, educational and promotional games
  • Exclusive products and ranges
  • Own brand products and ranges

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Contract Manufacturing

Project management of any or all aspects of game sourcing and manufacturing including :

  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Pre-production work from design through artwork to proofs, plates, cutters, vacuum-forming and injection moulding
  • Worldwide sourcing and purchase of print and components
  • Development of components, devices, mechanisms etc
  • Schedules, logistics and production management
  • Assembly production and delivery

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An in-house design studio dedicated to all aspects of game design allows us to offer a seamless game development service from initial concept to fully finished artwork. Core design activities include :

  • General game graphics, design and illustration
  • Packaging
  • Inputting and typesetting of gamecards
  • Prototype production
  • Display/promotional material
  • Brochures, catalogues and leaflets

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