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Each year there are literally thousands of new games invented around the world, almost all by private individuals whose motivation is entirely their own entertainment. However, having invented a game which they themselves enjoy, a reasonable proportion of inventors will want to see it get a wider audience than just friends and family.

Whilst major manufacturers are the obvious first port of call for an inventor trying to progress a game, these manufacturers do not in reality have the dedicated manpower required to allow them to properly deal with the volume of material received and therefore prefer to refer inventors to firms like Games Talk.

Our commercial appraisal service is designed to give inventors meaningful and practical feedback and a games industry based assessment of any new game's potential. There are many measures that can be applied to a new game idea, but the principle criteria used to inform our appraisal are : CONCEPTUAL MARKETABILITY, GAMEPLAY and DEVELOPMENTAL POTENTIAL

As well as providing inventors with valuable feedback, the appraisal process also allows Games Talk to identify those few games which may have the potential to progress to commercial success. Further consideration and discussion with the inventor may then result in a game entering our Development and Licensing program.

Conceptual Marketability

Is the theme concept or subject matter upon which the game is based considered suitable for application to games? Does it have the ability to appeal to a wide audience? Is it something which people will perceive as interesting, fun and exciting? How commonplace is it and is it sufficiently promotable?

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Is the gameplay of a type which is in Vogue? At what level is it and how advanced is it? How does it measure up to the benchmarks that already exist for its type and how does it compare to other similar games that may perhaps have been done in the past? Does it propose anything tangibly new, original or innovative?

NOTE : Our appraisal of gameplay does not look in fine detail at every single element of the gameplay. If a gameplay concept is acceptable in broad brush terms, any minor detail issues which may exist within it can invariably be corrected with further development.

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Developmental Potential

What scope exists to build on what is proposed? Are there elements which perhaps provide a platform for development? Does any aspect provide a viable opportunity for progression? Does sufficient materialof substance exist to justify the work and costs of development? Is a potentially successful game waiting to emerge through skilled development?

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